MyTimePlan is a complete workforce management software suite that solves all issues in shift planning, time registration and calculation of salary items. It connects to payroll systems and makes it easier for managers to deal with every company’s most valuable asset – its human resources – and promotes higher productivity and better quality of life.

Self service

Now it is easy to give your employees the choice of flexible working hours so they can achieve a better work/life balance. It is a simple matter for them to see their summer and winter vacation entitlements and where they stand in relation to their contractual job obligations. Now you plan your time.


Flexible working hours with more “self service” in planning working hours cuts avoidable absenteeism. This can be done, for example, by offering your staff flexible working time, allowing them to store up overtime and request holidays to accommodate childcare and other such issues.


This is the art of having the right number of staff with the right skills on the job at the right time. It is a two-part process: first, the employees have a chance to modify their own wishes so as to avoid unnecessary over- or under-staffing, and after that the manager applies optimisation to deal with the remainder of the task.

MyTimePlan caters for the needs of workplaces of all sizes and degrees of complexity, local or international. Whether what is wanted is a simple time-registration system or an advanced shift planning system, MyTimePlan can do the job. The system is scalable according to your needs and our aim is to develop according to the requirements of each and every customer over time.

We help you to increase:

  • productivity
  • work/life balance
  • customer satisfaction