KPI – Key performance indicators

MyTimePlan’s key performance indicators are intended to make it easy for managers to achieve the goals they set for their operations.

Wages are the largest variable cost component in the running of businesses and institutions, so it is vital to have data on productivity, absence from work due to illness and overtime work in real time; this enables managers to tackle these problems and stop them getting out of hand. Performance data of this type can be based on each hour, week, month, wage period, quarter or year, and managers can go all the way down the organisational chart to examine individual divisions and departments. Data can be presented in the form of graphs or tables.


Productivity, indicating performance or production per unit of time, is a key indicator of how well a company is doing in staffing and time management. MyTimePlan gathers data on products and services (such as unit numbers produced, passengers carried, telephone calls dealt with or customers served) which are then divided by the number of hours worked to produce productivity figures. Other useful yardsticks may include sick-leave days taken and hours of overtime work done, as the following screen-shot shows: