MyTimePlan’s Reports module generates data for real-time reports and can be used to produce practically any report based on schedule or attendance information.

This ensures that managers and employees have access to all necessary information whenever they need it.

Reports can be exported in Excel, pdf or html and sent to employees by e-mail.


An example of a group’s scheduled work and leave.


Pocket schedule

The size of a credit card, the pocket plan contains the employee’s work and free time schedule, position, department and memo points.

skipulag pocket

Work report

Each employee’s Work report contains information on scheduled working hours and attendance, together with the hours on which pay is calculated, by day and salary item. The report can be put through an approval procedure in which the employee, manager and payroll officer approve the report, which is then archived in the MyTimePlan archiving system.

report viki


Sick-leave reports contain information on absence due to illness and the proportion of sick-leave for selected periods, e.g. wage periods, months, quarters or whole years.

skipulag veik

Sick-leave days

The Sick-leave days report gives an overview of days taken in sick-leave during selected periods.

skipulag veikdaga


The Holidays report gives an overview of leave taken during the selected period.

skipulag orlof